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Children Rights and Goodness

We are seeking support for UNICEF programs to help children in difficult times living in the historical Silk Road


We aim to raise awareness about the problems of the historical Silk Road with the Art Of Trade project

Cost Effectiveness

We support UNICEF programs to help children in the countries along historical Silk Road for more equitable and sustainable development


We aim to provide assistance to the needy children of the selected countries every year

WHAT IS ART OF TRADEBuilding a Tradition for Help and Understanding

“Art Of Trade” is a piece of art; envisioned by ACE Warehousing and Logistics as an ode to metal. Because metal is one of the most important materials in the creation of human civilisation. It is also the focus of ACE’s business.

“Art Of Trade” is designed by a Turkish artist and fashioned by craftsmen from China, UK and Turkey. The steel, aluminium and copper used in production of the sculpture came from China, Azerbaijan and Turkey. The source countries and the artists’ collaboration symbolizes the interdependence of people and the need for cooperation along the historical Silk Road.




ACE’s social responsibility project Art of Trade continues with its second instalment: “Symphony of Silk & Metal”, a music and visual show about the historical Silk Road and its modern reinvigoration.

The show will be performed by musicians and dancers coming together from various countries including China, Kazakhstan, Iran and Turkey which lies on the historical Silk Road. The show combines the traditional musical elements with modern sound textures thus symbolizing the harmony between the old and new, the east and the west, nature and the technology. The dancers also will be performing traditional dance figures interpreted with a modern choreography.

Melodic metal drums created especially for the project will be performing alongside the traditional instruments of the Silk Road region. The show will be visiting the major cities of Asia, Europe and other regions to celebrate the rebirth of the Silk Road through modern railroad and maritime projects like China’s “One Belt, One Road” and to revive the spirit of peace, understanding and cooperation once brought by the trade to the region for thousands of years. ACE will be cooperating again with UNICEF Turkish National Committee to raise money and awareness of the issues along and around the Silk Road.

Ace Art of Trade - Shanghai

Ace Art of Trade - Unicef

Symphony of Silk Metal


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The project aims to raise funds and awareness of issues along and  around the Silk Route, partnering with UNICEF, to provide philanthropic donations for UNICEF work along the Silk Road.